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About Ayamma

About Ayamma


Prince Daraima, the charming heir to Obong Ikpaisong, repeatedly dreams of Ihuaoma, a poor but beautiful maiden whose beauty is matched only by her voice. In Daraima's dreams, flowers blossoms and birds gather when Ihuoma sings. He is in love with the girl of his dreams. In the real world, Prince Daraima readies to marry Princess Ama, the Arrogant child to a neighboring Monarch. During a dance presentation to welcome princess Ama to the kingdom, Daraima is shocked to see that one of the dancing maidens is Ihuoma-- a girl who hitherto existed only in his dreams. Unbecknownst to him, this is Iko, a poor maiden in the village who's an exact replica of Ihuoma and strangely possessing the same singing genius. Princess Ama observes her groom-to-be captivated by Iko and resolves to nip this obvious threat in the bud.


 Mrs. Misodi is an award winning producer in Nollywood. A holder of Bachelor of Arts Degree in theater Arts from the university of Calabar, she has gone to produce several award-winning movies which include Weekend Getaway, Lagos Cougars, Champagne etc. She set up Royal Arts Academy, a forefront media company to enable future actors, actresses, writers and directors, avail themselves the opportunity to receive valuable training in the industry. Emem Isong Misodi is one Nigeria’s filmmakers whose work have contributed to the development of Nigerian film industry Nollywood which is at the forefront of Nigeria’s cultural renaissance.



 Chris is a director, editor and content producer. He has a good knowledge of what works on a film and knows how it should be done. He is very sensitive in script handling and also very good at getting  desired results from artists amidst various circumstances. Chris has directed several movies amongst them are – The Getaway, Secret Room,  Dejavuu , Ayamma and many others.



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